Self Reliance Training at the Church Office Building

Elder Joseph Sitati, left, with Sister Jill and Elder Joe Elliss at the Church Office Building for Self Reliance Training in June 2015.

The Self Reliance Initiative is  a fairly new emphasis on lifting members of the church out of poverty by teaching some foundation principles. This is our assignment in Sydney, Australia. We were privileged to train with two other senior couples at the Church office Building for three full days. Three church general authorities have Self Reliance as their special assignment. We were able to pose with Elder Sitati, one of the pioneers of the church from Nairobi, Kenya, who came in to train us. We also met with Elder Enrique Falabella as well as the Self Reliance staff.

For the Grandkids: What is the building in the background where Gram is standing by the pool? The Church Office Building is to the right of where she is standing. Everything is very clean; even the parking lot is painted. We had to wear special badges and be escorted wherever we went in the building, even the cafeteria. What do you think were our dessert choices: pie, cake, cookies, ice cream, brownies, pudding? Yes, that’s right. ALL of it from the Lion House bakery. Luckily we were able to restrain ourselves.

Below is Joshua. How old do you think he is? He has a seven year old daughter and has served as a church Bishop in Ghana. He is a kind of poster child for the Perpetual Education Fund, which helps worthy, needy and determined young people get an education and lift themselves out of poverty. He is interning with the Church, so he went through training with us. He is about 31 years old.


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