Kowabunga! It’s Toranga!

Toranga has to be the best name ever for a zoo. Set on a  forested hill in the suburb of Mosman across Sydney Harbour, Toranga is an aboriginal word meaning “beautiful view”.

Giraffe corral with Sydney Harbour in the background
Giraffe corral with Sydney Harbour in the background

Unfortunately thousands of others also thought it would be a splendid place to visit the Saturday before Easter. Even though it took us two hours to get here on a car, train, train, ferry and bus, the transport with our fellow senior missionary couples Mackay and Dinger was half the fun.

After we got off the ferry, we took the bus to the top of the hill. From there, the strategy was to work our way down the hill, wander through the exhibits, eat lunch and catch the afternoon bird show.

Joe and I focused on the Australian critters, as we wandered through the underground reptiles and wide leafy aviaries.

Very green Reptile at Tornanga
Photographing the very green Reptile at Toranga
koala from Toranga
I purloined this koala photo from off the Toranga images. I couldn’t get this close.

The day was pleasantly warm, and once again we had forgotten that the best time to visit a zoo is in the cooler weather. These lazy kangaroos barely bothered to lift an arm. But the koalas were adorable.

Lazy Kangaroos at Toranga
Lazy Kangaroos at Toranga

The duck billed platypus was a no show, probably hidden behind the rocks. The emus seemed bigger in real life than we had imagined.

Emu at Toranga
Emu at Toranga

The climax of the day was the bird show where the well trained cockatoos and gallahs performed their maneuvers expertly while flying only inches over the heads of the audience.


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