In search of a real milkshake. . . we found Kiama

What I said I wanted was a real milkshake, thinking of those magnificent ice cream confections from Dairy Queen or Nielson’s Custard in St. George, the ones where the spoon stands up. Australia has supurb dairy products, but a milkshake is just that – a  mixture of milk and a little ice cream and some syrup shaken up in a glass, more like thick chocolate milk with brown stripes – weak!!

Tourist promotion of Kiama Lighthouse


So when an Aussie told us a place called Milk and Honey in Kiama on the south coast, I was ready to go. Seeking to please, Joe gathered up a little group of senior missionaries who were ready to get out of their flats on a Saturday afternoon, and we went!  Little did we know that when our phone app said it would take 1 hour and 49 minutes to get there, it really meant 2 hours and 20 minutes in Sydney traffic.

Joe and Jill on the Rocks off the Kiama Blowhole, south coastRocks off Kiama blowhole

Just about the time we were thinking that this was a really long way to go for a milkshake, the landscape changed from cityscape to wooded green suburbs to rolling green hills that sloped down to the Pacific ocean. And then we caught a glimpse of Kiama, a most delightful small beach town that curved around some volcanic rocks and a light house. The claim to fame was a blow hole  which is a hole in the volcanic rock. When the tide comes in the water is forced up through the hole and it pops and sprays 60 feet on the upper end.

That little hole where you see water is the Blowhole at low tide.

On this Mother’s Day weekend, families were strolling around in the 70 degree weather, climbing on the lava rocks and taking photos of the coastline and the hills. We wished we had booked a room! The town was full of fun restaurants and nice shops, but the community seemed more real than Manley or Bondi.

Sadly,  the shake was a disappointment; it was still milk. I made the mistake of ordering banana which I hoped would contain chunks of banana. But alas, it was flavored with fake yellow syrup. Luckily the scenery was striking enough to warrant the trip, especially as we turned around for the return home.


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