Aussie Reptile Park – Up close and personal

From left, Jill and Joe, Steph and Jim Black and Alene Dinger. Elder Dinger is taking the picture
sister black at arp
Steph Black in her characteristic role.
Reptile show
This guy was a real showman besides knowing everything about the critters.
kanga on jills hand
These sweet kangas are not afraid of people. Note the one who has it’s hand on my sleeve as if to say, “Don’t forget me. I’m here, too.”

On a windy winter’s day, Elder and Sister Elliss and fellow senior couples the Blacks and the Dingers headed north to the Australian Reptile Park. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t that cold, but a jacket and a bit of headgear felt right. The coolness was perfect for the animals, though. When we visited Toranga Zoo, it was so warm that the animals just lolled around in a stupor. But the critters at the reptile park were quite alert and perky.
The Reptile Park is north of Sydney and we took the M1, the major thoroughfare for about an hour. Because the weather was not optimum, we took advantage of fewer visitors. The entrance and gift shop is kind of fun for these posed shots. The park’s animals were not all reptiles. One of the more interesting things we saw was the “spider milking”. There really wasn’t much to take a picture of but the keepers in this part of the park do extract venom from the most poison of the Aussie spiders to be used to make an anti-venom to treat bites.
We probably enjoyed the kangaroos here more than just about anywhere. These are little ones, and they have become so accustomed to the visitors that they are entirely tame, in fact when we were eating lunch, one of them came up to the  end of a picnic table and put his hands on the table as if he we’re joining the group. Sister Elliss is feeding the Kangaroos a kind of grainy grass that people buy. These little ones just suck the food up out of your hand.

After walking through what seemed like miles of bug and snake exhibits we headed back to Sydney by way of  the Hawkesbury River and crossed over on Wiseman’s Ferry.Elder

The Hawkesbury River on the way to Wiseman’s Ferry

Dinger shot these great photos.

080 (1)
Elder Elliss waiting for the Ferry.

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