Speaking at Port Macquarie

As part of our training assignment, we are asked to speak in wards and branches throughout New South Wales on our assignment of Self Reliance. One of our favorite places to go has been Port Macquarie which is a 4-5 hour drive north of Sydney on the coast. It has nice beaches and is a retirement mecca. But part of the reason we enjoy Port Macquarie is the exquisite chapel and grounds. We last visited in the fall, but the Swains who are Member Leader Support missionaries there, invited us to speak this final weekend of October. Knowing it was likely our last visit to Port, the time was bittersweet.


The Chapel at Port Macquarie consists of two houses located on about five acres which used to be an artist’s compound. Sacrament meeting is held in the building on the left which is one big room. The building on the right contains a kitchen, classrooms and restrooms.
This is the sight toward John Oxley Drive. The branch is planning a live Christmas pageant on the grounds in December.


This magnificent tree is the real icon of the property. The primary kids just cannot resist it.